The almost #purposed #3×5 image


On the 12th April I posted an image to the #purposed #3×5 campaign using words from Graham Attwell’s post back in March. His words The internet provides us with rich and free spaces for expansive learning’ had rang true to me as he clarified his argument that education is the practice of freedom. I had wanted to capture that with an image of children in a free and open space using technology to collaborate and create together, so I chose the image shown here.


But then I met the ostrich. And it spoke to me of someone whose head is no longer in the sand, but is standing tall, looking for opportunities to be free. For spaces to do expansive learning. So I chose that picture instead.


But I thought it would be shame not to put my original picture somewhere. It illustrates a different line of thinking, but still one with some merit.

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