Stuck in a loop

So, I’m trying to upload my 3×5 images for the Purpos/edApril campaign and I ‘ve found myself getting a bit stuck in a loop.


Two loops to be precise.


The first loop is a creativity loop. I had chosen a quote that I found particularly entertaining: “The internet provides us with rich and free spaces for expansive learning.” from The Practice of Freedom by Graham Attwell. It instantly made me think of some images that I would like to take myself. That is, with my own camera, instead of searching the Creative Commons like Purpos/ed suggest. Now of course, I’m no photographer, so actually taking the images I could see in my head has proved somewhat tricky – and I don’t have quite what I was searching for. This has meant that I’ve gone back to the images a few times and tried to take more. Then I’ve returned to the first images I took and tried to edit those. Then I’ve become dissatisfied with all of them and tried to take even more. I’ve got stuck. In a loop.


So I’m breaking out of it today and these are my two best images (yes, I know). I’ll have to choose one of them for tomorrow, which is the day my image ‘goes live’.


The second loop is a technical one to do with Creative Commons. The instructions on Purpos/ed say that I should give the image a CC by license. But they’re my own images, and I’ve never licensed them before. If only I’d just searched the Creative Commons instead of trying to be so damn creative. So I’ve gone back to my images and looked at them. Then I’ve gone to the Creative Commons site and tried to work out what’s going on. Then I’ve gone to my Flickr site and had a look at that. But I’ve done nothing. I’ve been stuck. In a loop.


So here’s me breaking out of the loop. This e-mail will send my images to Posterous. Posterous will send my images to Flickr. Then I should be able to work out how to assign a creative commons thing to them. Shouldn’t I?


I hope so.


At least I’m not stuck any more.