Dutch Apple Cake

Dutch Apple Cake
Mmm! Tasty!

One of my family’s favourite things of recent months has been Dutch Apple Cake. You can see it there. Tasty!

There’s nothing quite like eating home-grown apples. It is a quintessentially English experience. I guess that’s why this recipe is slightly strange – you don’t associate apples with The Netherlands so much. And the apples do taste so good, ensconced as they are in a light cushion of cake and topped with a slightly caramelised layer of cinnamon.

Simple to make, the entire family can get involved, so we are all experts in our house at making the cake. Except for my youngest daughter. She’s just an expert in licking the spoon.

The Cake Table
The Cake making table in action

It’s an easy recipe to find too. You just Google ‘Dutch Apple Cake’ and there it is. Choose the one that says easy. Or you could click this link.

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