Making my school website ‘legal’

One of the many hats I wear is school website developer. It’s been a bit of a hobby really. The hobby started like this:

Some time ago I had a really gifted student in my Year 6 children and I had literally run out of curriculum to teach her. So I said, in about March of the year, “go off and learn HTML so we can make a school website.” A week later she came back with a basic school website and I was so shamed by the quality of it, I decided I should learn a bit of HTML too.

Things have come full circle now in a way. Having gone through three different iterations I found that the website has got bigger and bigger and more difficult for me to manage. Mercifully the afore-mentioned student came back, now at secondary school and looking for a bit of work that wasn’t just a paper-round. She now spends 2 hours a week updating our school website and me, it was a hat I could stop wearing.

Or so I thought.

A few months ago a tweet from Kevin Maclauchlan made me aware that some changes in legislation were coming about. No longer could school websites be the hobby of some enthusiastic tech geek like myself, but they had to contain certain information. Very specific information in fact. You can read it for yourself at the UK Government’s legislation website.

So we get to work. I say ‘we’ because it was very much a joint effort between myself and my ‘web developer’. She did all the design work and all the other work. I wrote her some emails. Mainly.

And this is what we came up with.

It’s not much, but it is a start – something to build on over the next few months. I realise that there are things to improve, but at least we’ve got a platform from which to improve them.

I’d very much value any comments on this blog about this school website legislation, especially if you’ve seen any fantastic examples that already contain all the information specified in the new legislation.


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