Applying some principles from #uppingyourgame

Applying some principles from #uppingyourgame


A few months ago I acquired a Kindle to test how it might be used in the school where I teach. My first purchase on said Kindle was Doug Belshaw’s #UppingYourgame. For 86 English Pennies I thought I couldn’t go far wrong.


And I was not disappointed.


It’s a few pages of common sense which refers to lengthier tomes should you wish to read more deeply. I didn’t.


I did read #Uppingyourgame. Then my wife did. We both enjoyed it.


That was at the start of the Summer Hols and as you all know, teachers do nothing over the Summer except lie on beaches taking in the scorching British sunshine. As a consequence I’ve not been able to put any of the principles into practice. I’ve had no game to be upped.


Now however, term is back into full swing and I thought I’d write a few posts about the putting into the practice of the principles of the Uppingyourgame.


One of the things that impressed about the book is that it doesn’t deal in specifics – what follows are my specifics – if you really want to up your own game a bit then read the book, not this blog.


So whether it’s me getting fit, or using lists, or using social media more wisely, be prepared to see how I’ve begun to up my game…

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