Prince of Persia

Oh. What a classic!

Before the motion picture. Before the 1st person adventure game, there was Prince of Persia the platform game. And it felt great. Unlike previous platformers the character moved so fluidly. It was gorgeous to play.

This was in the era before PC games had made it to 3D – to get those you still had to go to the arcade. And platform games were just not very realistic. But then Prince of Persia came out and suddenly there was a character who could run in such an engaging, lifelike way. Just look at him move:

Look at that Prince move!

The game also has a special place in my heart because I finished it. And I can’t say that about many games. In fact I think there’s only a list of 3: Prince of Persia, Sabre Wolf and Baldur’s Gate 1 and 2.

My son recently challenged my nostalgia. He told me if I went back to it I probably wouldn’t find it so fluid and great to play because of how things have moved on… He’s probably right.

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