And then there was Doom

Doom: the godfather of 1st person shooters

Doom was awesome. It built on the 3Dness of Wolfenstein, but now you could move up and down – no longer was everything on the same level.

I was so into Doom, I even created some of my own Doom maps for other people to play.

But Doom killed first person shooters for me. I spent hours and hours playing this game – but it was all too much. By the time I’d got to the end of Doom 2, I had had enough of this genre.

It didn’t help that the final level of was impossible without cheating. And even with cheating it was incredibly hard.

Oh well. After that gaming would take a new turn for me. But my half term is over and I’m done reflecting on gaming. I will turn back to posting about other things. Posts on gaming will have to wait.

#28daysofwriting Day 25

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