Luke Skywalker and the Rebel pilots.

There’s that scene in Star Wars, A New Hope when Luke Skywalker and the other Rebel pilots are being briefed in the plans for attacking the Death Star. It looks like an impossible task. The Death Star is as big as a small moon and is bristling with defences. The Rebel pilots have tiny x-wing fighters, a bit like attacking a rhinocerous with butterflies.


To make matters worse, when the Rebel pilots have evaded the enemy tie fighters and the Death Star’s defences, they must fly into a narrow trench and hit a 2m wide target.


One of them points out that it is impossible.


But Luke Skywalker isn’t locked into the spiral of negative thought. He remembers his own abilities and experiences, declaring; “it’s no bigger than hitting a womp rat back home.” his confidence changes the mood and inspires hope. And guess what – they do it, they destroy the Death Star. Someone should make a film about it.


So the next time you’re weighed down by negativity and overwhelmed by the cynicism of others, when the task seems impossible and it looks like everyone is about to give in, remember your abilities and experience and be the one that speaks hope into the situation. You never know, you may just change something.


They may even make a film about it.

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