Starting in one place

I don’t if there’s a word for an ineffective blogger.


I found it interesting to see a post published way back in 2007 on ReviewSaurus┬áthat said ineffective bloggers may post 4 times in a day and then not at all for 5 days: I haven’t written anything since September 2009. Whoops.


Anyway having heard Ewan McIntosh speak at the Creative Partnerships conference yesterday, I have resolved to get back on the blogging bus and keep this thing going. I think one of my problems so far is that I’ve tried to keep more than one blog going at the same time – one for my leadership pathways work, one for my creative partnerships work, another one for the way creative partnerships are working with us here at Paganel Primary School. It’s all too much. I need one place to log stuff, and this here is the place.


It’s a bit like a river. That’s my metaphor of choice. A river can wind in many directions, cut though valleys and meander across plains. But it’s still just one river. The river is my learning about education. At the moment it includes:

  • creativity, particularly the subsets of co-construction and reflection;
  • maths with an emphasis on the MAST programme of which I am a part;
  • ICT as I have a keen interest in the kind of skills that will enable learners to adapt easily to new technologies;
  • leadership – because I believe that many outmoded models of leadership still exist in schools.

Having started in this place I still need to refer to the previous places.


These include my leadership pathways blog, where I tried to reflect some learning from the leadership pathways program, my creative partnerships blog, begun in 2008 when we (Paganel Primary School) begin our interaction with the Creative Partnerships organisations as a ‘Change School’ and my change Paganel blog which began as an exercise in sharing information between creative partners of Paganel Primary School and never really got off the ground.

Another principle of effective blogging (according to ReviewSaurus) is that you write in a niche. I suppose my niche is reasonably broad at the moment – creativity, maths, ICT and leadership in education, but at least it starts in one place. I’m looking forward to seeing the map of the river unfold.

2 thoughts on “Starting in one place”

  1. I haven’t checked out Reviewsaurus, but are you measuring ‘effectiveness’ by what you are personally getting out of blogging, how many followers you have, or are you effectively communicating what you want to the people you want?I’d like to recommend your blog to other Bright Spacers, John, Craig, Nikki. Would that be OK?

  2. I certainly don’t mind you telling other people about my blog. I still have it as a personal goal to read other people’s blogs…

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