Easy wins

Looking at the mound of old, slightly damp paper I found in the loft was slightly daunting. How was I going to start sorting through this? Especially when I have so much to do to prepare for the Spring term.

Fortunately a couple of easy wins popped out at me: poems.

Written on a scraps of paper some years ago, it wouldn’t be too difficult to type them out. And here’s my first one: The ‘F’ word.

By tomorrow I need to think of a title for a poem about toilets and ear hair.

The ‘F’ Word

I don’t like the way ‘F’ sounds

Eff. Phhhh. Phuh. Effeffeffeff.

It’s clumsy at the end of a word.

Makes rhyming difficult: like life

Only really rhymes with wife

And strife, I suppose.

Oh and knife – that goes.

‘F’ spoils beautiful

And starts that word we don’t like to say.

But it does have one redeeming feature:


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