The Rocket Launcher Lesson
Watch on Posterous

I taught, filmed and edited this lesson on Friday 4th February


It had been something I’d been meaning to do with year 6 for a little while, as it will kick off a short sequence of lessons of investigation and enquiry inspired by the first lesson that you see in the video.


The timing was good for me too, because I was hoping that it would be ready for Teachmeet East 2011, which was on the 5th February. Unfortunately it didn’t work on the day. It seems that one of the features of Google Apps video, where I had originally stored the video, was to deny Internet Explorer the ability to play the video – somewhat frustrating. In addition it was 60mb on the original – which is probably a bit much to stream over a wireless connection in the rush and hustle off a Teachmeet – so apologies to Tom for delaying the Teachmeet slightly. 

The good thing about Posterous, and Youtube (where Posterous will send this video next), is that they both seem reasonably compatible. I’ve also reduced the quality of the video by 1/3 to get it down to 20mb so it should be asier for streaming. 

So – lessons in compatibility for me. I need to play around with Youtube and Google Apps a bit more to see how I can combine the security of Google Apps with the compatibility of Youtube…
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