Another innovative use of The Lady

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Having used the voice of the Lady who reads the KS2 mental maths SAT to inspire music creation a few weeks ago, I was pleasantly surprised to find a new and (I think) surprising use for her verbose talents.


I entered the Hall to find Year 3 practising for an assembly they will be doing on Friday. In a move of inspired genius, the teacher of the class was helping the children learn how to speak over the top of distractions by playing the mental maths lady CD while the children were reading their lines. Assemblies can sometimes be full of extraneous noise, especially if there are the inevitable pre-schoolers in the room, and it’s great to see children being given the opportunity to present what they have to say over those distractions…

The Lady is back – how to celebrate the end of Year 6 SATs

Last night, at the end of #ukedchat, I asked for some help as to what I could do with a Year 6 class the day after SATs had finished. I do PPA cover every Friday morning in Year 6, but this Friday was different.

(apologies – it looks like these files didn’t copy across properly from Posterous)


The Mental Maths SATs Lady – reflections by Year 6 children.

At Teachmeet BETT 2011 I tweeted that my year 6 had created various renditions of the SATs Lady using Audacity. I also realised that I had not at any point shared their musical productions. The year 6 children that made these recordings have left now (the project happened in Summer 2010), but maybe their creativity can serve to inspire future generations of Year 6 SATs musicians.

(Apologies – these files haven’t copied across properly from Posterous).


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