You can’t brush your hair

With a teddy bear.

You can’t clean your teeth with a cat.

You can’t wipe your nose

With a garden hose.

You can’t destroy a city with a hat.

You can’t make a bomb

Without uranium.

You can’t poison a water supply with juice.

There’s no shock and awe

In a kitten’s paw.

You can’t wash your face with a moose.

You can’t define life

By your level of strife.

You can’t compare normal with horrific.

You can’t laugh away

The terrors of each day:

You have to be decidedly more specific.

You can’t say a lot

By saying what it’s not.

All you do is add to your delusion.

Don’t get in a tizz…

Just say what is.

It’s guaranteed to reduce our confusion.