The almost #purposed #3×5 image


On the 12th April I posted an image to the #purposed #3×5 campaign using words from Graham Attwell’s post back in March. His words The internet provides us with rich and free spaces for expansive learning’ had rang true to me as he clarified his argument that education is the practice of freedom. I had wanted to capture that with an image of children in a free and open space using technology to collaborate and create together, so I chose the image shown here.


But then I met the ostrich. And it spoke to me of someone whose head is no longer in the sand, but is standing tall, looking for opportunities to be free. For spaces to do expansive learning. So I chose that picture instead.


But I thought it would be shame not to put my original picture somewhere. It illustrates a different line of thinking, but still one with some merit.

Stuck in a loop

So, I’m trying to upload my 3×5 images for the Purpos/edApril campaign and I ‘ve found myself getting a bit stuck in a loop.


Two loops to be precise.


The first loop is a creativity loop. I had chosen a quote that I found particularly entertaining: “The internet provides us with rich and free spaces for expansive learning.” from The Practice of Freedom by Graham Attwell. It instantly made me think of some images that I would like to take myself. That is, with my own camera, instead of searching the Creative Commons like Purpos/ed suggest. Now of course, I’m no photographer, so actually taking the images I could see in my head has proved somewhat tricky – and I don’t have quite what I was searching for. This has meant that I’ve gone back to the images a few times and tried to take more. Then I’ve returned to the first images I took and tried to edit those. Then I’ve become dissatisfied with all of them and tried to take even more. I’ve got stuck. In a loop.


So I’m breaking out of it today and these are my two best images (yes, I know). I’ll have to choose one of them for tomorrow, which is the day my image ‘goes live’.


The second loop is a technical one to do with Creative Commons. The instructions on Purpos/ed say that I should give the image a CC by license. But they’re my own images, and I’ve never licensed them before. If only I’d just searched the Creative Commons instead of trying to be so damn creative. So I’ve gone back to my images and looked at them. Then I’ve gone to the Creative Commons site and tried to work out what’s going on. Then I’ve gone to my Flickr site and had a look at that. But I’ve done nothing. I’ve been stuck. In a loop.


So here’s me breaking out of the loop. This e-mail will send my images to Posterous. Posterous will send my images to Flickr. Then I should be able to work out how to assign a creative commons thing to them. Shouldn’t I?


I hope so.


At least I’m not stuck any more.

Growing Leaders session 7

Growing Leaders Session 7 began with an activity where participants thought about the groups they are part of and what metaphor best suits their group. Car, Animal, Chocolate Bar were the categories chosen, and participants thought about what type of car, animal and chocolate bar would be most appropriate for their particular group.

Some of the metaphors were:

  • Range Rover sport
  • Old Bus
  • Battered Lada
  • Something that's difficult to get started.

  • Camel
  • Cow
  • Tazmanian Devil
  • catterpillar
  • Octopus

Chocolate Bar
  • Revels
  • Galaxy Caramel
  • Quality Street
  • With Fruit and Nuts

Alison followed on to talk about how teams work together to achieve three purposes – to meet the needs of the task, the needs of the individual and the needs of the group. She used illustrations from the Growing Leaders leadership team (Rob, Alison, Emma and Steve) to demonstrate some of these points and how the different strenghts of these individuals work together to make a team that kind of works.

The participants then split into groups of their own ministry areas to talk about how their teams are working to achieve these goals. The ministry areas represented included:
  • Youth
  • Whole Church
  • International
  • Worship
  • Evangelism / Alpha
  • Synergy (20s and 30s)

Some reflections from this group included:
    • It's easy to focus so much on one of the areas (like the needs of the group) to the detriment of the other two areas.
    • We need to learn the skills of being able to challenge individuals.
    • How do you cope with different individuals having different visions within the group?
    • Often we think it's all about us as individuals, when actually it's all about God – the team can help lift the burden.
    • Using people's individual strengths – play to those that get them done.

We continued to look at the leader's role, with people looking at how leader's develop the individual; ensure the group achieves the task; build and maintain the unity of the group. We proceeded to study John 17:20-26 where Jesus teaches about his heart for community and people work well together.

Question: If only have a few hours left, what would you say to them about their working together.
  • Pray for them
  • Stay focused
  • Keep encouraging / Well done
  • Talk and listen to each other
  • Remember the impact you have on each other's lives.

Jesus, with 24 hours to live talked (in John 17:20-26) about his passion for unity – holding shared belief; passing on the glory of the Father, to Jesus, to his disciples and so on; ministry of Jesus; presence of Jesus through the Spirit.  The purpose of this unity is mission.

Steve followed by talking about the 5 dysfunctions of a team and the participants reflected on these negatives and how they might affect each group.

Effective teams:
  • Trust on another;
  • Engage in healthy conflict;
  • Commit to decisions, plans and vision;
  • Are accountable to each other;
  • Achieve collective results.

The session finished with prayer and reflection.

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